How The Moon Got Into The Sky

Paolo has his own cheese production. About 10 years ago no moon existed and Paolo was making alot of cheese with his own factory. Time went by and his buisness got bigger and bigger – his familiy supported him. His son Rigo had a nice idea to expand the cheese production: A big pipeline obsorbs the Milky Way which was next to the earth. The best idea he ever had!

Paolo was now searching for investors and he was lucky, after 2 months a little mouse called Ronald invested 3 billion dollars to improve the production. The milky ways genetics got changed, during the transport the milk automaticly converts into cheese.

At the beginning Ronald was a little bit sceptical and after a short period of time very happy, because everything was working so well. Paolo has made the biggest cheese ever. Of corse Ronald got a big slice of the Super-Space-Cheese called „Moon“. After a year of creating the Super-Space-Cheese a big meteor destroyed the pipeline and Paolo isn’t even sad because the moon is going to last forever.

A little short story written by Leonard S.

Geschrieben wurde diese Geschichte vor einem Jahr im Schulunterricht in Englisch. Wir sollten eine Kurzgeschichte mit dem Thema des Mondes, und wie er dort hin gekommen ist schreiben. Wir hatten allerdings diverse Themen zur Auswahl.

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